JFK 50 Miler

Twelfth Month, Day 28, Ji Chou Year - Track - Lexington - 6.1

Day 42 - Fil and I returned to the GLRR weekly track workout after a one week break. There's nothing like running around in circles to help forget a day of running around in circles.

The one thing about track is that it definitely helps break up the monotony of our daily runs. Not that running at least 3 miles every day for 41 days straight is boring or anything....

Tonight's workout consisted of 6 x 800's with a target pace of 3:05. It was hit or miss throughout the night as our fearless leader, Jim S., was nursing a sore back. It appears the consensus tonight was that everybody (Glenn, Mark, Fil) felt like crap, myself included. First interval felt sluggish, and it wasn't until the fourth that I felt OK. Stupid rust.

I managed to complete my last interval in 2:45, and almost caught the rabbits! Dab nabbit!

You're probably wondering what's up with the date in the title tonight? If not, then I'll tell ya anyways!

In honor of the Chinese New Year this coming weekend (14th), my lovely bride, Rachel, and I will be throwing a drunken Chinese New Year's party at our place on the 13th. It'll be a BYOB occasion, but we'll be supplying the munchies. Drop by any time after 6PM. Seriously, just drop by, grab some food, and leave. You don't even have to say HI. There will be door prizes for those who can ninja their way into the party and eat a spare rib before I catch them and throw them out.

305 Dutton St, Lowell, MA, Apt 105. Call me if you can't sneak past the sleeping guard. 978-987-6428.

Bring your running slippers because we're planning on doing the first (and last) annual drunken 1 meter run at midnight.

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