JFK 50 Miler

Dec 14th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 5.25

Day 348 - GLRR almost lost a good chunk of the club's open division team this evening, but now that I have your attention, we'll talk about something else for now.

I went up to a frigid Lowell tonight to attend the GT5K extended post-season group run from Hookslide's. The J Boys, myself included, Dave, Don, and Coach Jim (He's a J Man) were the only diehards in attendance tonight.

We left Hookslide's shortly after 6:30 and huffed and puffed our way up East Merrimack St towards the ritzy neighborhoods of Belvidere. Hey Alicia.


Apparently it wasn't a happy coincidence that she was outside as we were running by her place. She was out looking for Good Looking Road Runners, and to push her home-baked cookies. If we weren't moving at such a good clip, then I would have grabbed some. Next time....!!!

(Fuel for the running sole)

Two miles in and it was just the J Boys and Dave running down 133 with me. It was also around this point that we almost all became a part of GLRR lore.

A vehicle bent on mass homicide pulled out of a side street and missed James by about a foot, Dave by half a foot, and the rest of the J boys by about the length of my foot. It was a close call and another reason why I never run in front of cars even when I make eye contact. RUNNERS ARE EVERYWHERE!

The adrenaline rush of the near death experience pushed our pace below 7's for the rest of the run. Now this was a great tempo run!

We were all together and nobody really fell from the pack over the final three miles of the run, even after one final hill around mile 4. It was nasty, but thankfully, short. Sort of like me.

We finished the 5.25 mile run at 6:55 pace. One of the best runs for me on this young season.

Hopefully the Tuesday night weather luck continues on through the winter so that we can continue this great tradition. Great course, great company, and great near death experiences. Won't you join us? 

(almost earned our wings tonight)


  1. I like cookies, running not so much.

  2. "Won't you join us? "

    Maybe, if that death experience for sure will help me to increase my pace. :-)

  3. Sorry I missed it - although I'd have been in the back with the old boys (Jim and Don).

    Unfortunately - duty called in the form of the Mill Cities Wrap meeting.