JFK 50 Miler

Feb 27th, 2010 - Race - Tewksbury, MA - 6.1

Day 58 - The fire is back! I've been feeling a little lathargic on my runs over the past week, but I think I've managed to shake it off at today's final Fudge 5K for the season. Good timing too as tomorrow is the first race in the Wild Rover Series.

Technically, last week was the final Fudge 5K of the season with today's race being a fun 2-person team race. Fil and I got to the race with the temps in the low 30's and hardly any wind (huge difference!).

Against all of my wishes I was forced to partner up with Fil. Can't win them all...or could we?

The winning team would be based on a point system depending on finish position, since adding up finish times without a Dave Camire-like supercomputer could take awhile.

We got our team number (13) and in Hemingway-like fashion, we cleverly named ourselves, Lucky 13.

My only advice to Fil before the start of the race was, "Don't lose" (it was actually something else, but it's not worth repeating).

Apparently it worked because we ended up winning!

I managed to eek out a PR for the course with an 18:49 finish, and the best part was that it felt effortless!

We all attended the awards breakfast afterwards at the Deli Queen. Getting breakfast took longer than the award ceremony itself as everybody and their running buddy was here today.

I took home a nice jacket and a wool hat for winning the series overall, and then a Macy's Dept store opened up and everbody went home with at least one nice article of clothing (some more than others coughJimcough)!

Very cool finish to a very cool race!

A big thank you to Bob, Sally, and all of the volunteers for putting on such a great series for so many years! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for next winter!

Fil and I left the breakfast and headed out to Marx Running store in Acton to exchange my GLRR singlet. We got more than we bargained for! I got my new GLRR singlet and also a quick history lesson on the GLRR's (very interesting). Fil received a gait analysis from Mark himself to see if we could get to the "bottom" of his foot ailments. We'll see in a couple of weeks as Fil tries out his new kicks.

Race goals for tomorrow: Run at least a 5:50 pace over the 3 miles, finish in the top 5 overall, and drink lotsa beer (in no particular order).

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