JFK 50 Miler

Feb 7th, 2010 - Race - Lowell - 3.13

Day 38 - In its 9th year, the Super 5K race put on by Jim Rhoades & Co, has become a Super tradition.

It was once again very nice to see all of the familiar race faces out there on a very cold day (20's with a gusting wind, making it feel like single digits, even in the sun).

Among many others (332 finishers) there was Steve M. acting as the MC, Kara H. back to defend her title, and Fil returning to attempt a PR for this race.

I was there to see if I could place in my age group (20-29), which I knew would require at least a sub 6 min/mile effort, based on prior year results. Yesterday's tune-up run in Tewksbury was a little slower than what I had hoped for, pace-wise, but I also knew that the Super 5K course would be a little faster.

The race today couldn't start soon enough. It was getting real cold, real fast, especially after running from my apt to the race start (2.7 miles) to warm up. The warm-up run was a little longer than I had planned, but I also needed it in order to reach my other goal for the day (hit 200 miles for the year by the end of the day).

The gun went off a little after 12PM, and so did all of the runners. I was in the lead pack for about 30 seconds when I realized that I was going out way too fast. My rule of thumb for gauging this? Kara should always be in front of me, and not the other way around:)

Kara and a few other runners passed me as I eased up my pace, and I had to remind myself to run my own race, or else suffer later on. A lesson learned many times during the Good Times series.

As I reached the crest of the only hill on the course, around mile 1, I heard a familiar voice. It was Andy C. cheering me on! This gave me a very nice boost and I reached mile 1 in 5:39, a lot faster than planned. Thanks, Andy!

I managed to run mile 2 in 5:53, just about where I wanted to be, and I felt great! I even thought I had a shot at a sub 18 run if I could kick it up a tiny bit for the final mile. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and the winds really started to pick up along the river.

As I rounded the corner for the final stretch, I could hear footsteps right behind me. Frank? Fil? Titus?!?

It was EJ!! He had told me before the race that it would take a miracle for him to run a sub 6 minute race. Miracles happen all of the time, EJ.

EJ finished 4 seconds behind me in 18:32 for a 5:59 pace, netting him 2nd in a very loaded age group. Awesome job!

Fil set his PR (20:10) for this race, finishing 26th overall and 9th in his age group! Sucks to get old, huh, Fil? Great job, buddy!

Kara easily defended her title, again, with another amazing run (17:56). Yawn :)

I managed to hit both of my goals for the day: 1st in age group (18:28), and finished the day with 200+ miles for the year.

Excellent job to all of the fellow GLRR's, and to the many other runners who made today a record turn out!

Thanks to all of the brave volunteers and spectators!

Nice job, Jim. It's now your turn to smile.


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