JFK 50 Miler

Feb 9th, 2010 - Training - Lowell - 4

Day 40 - In the time that it took the biblical rains to subside, Fil and I have each ran over 200 miles, 10 races, fallen 5 times (all me), lapped twice (all Fil), eaten 3 pizzas, and drank more beer than miles ran.

Tonight was the first time, in at least two months, that I was able to run outside with my short shorts on... without getting arrested. 38 degrees at run start. The four miles felt great until I got to my front door, and then the flood gates opened.

I nearly pulled an Uta Pippig in my apt lobby.

N'easter expected tomorrow afternoon, so most likely an indoor run tomorrow evening, unless they make me run 3 miles at the New Balance audition, which will most likely get rescheduled.

Just got word that Fil and I are in for the Bradford Valentine's Day Race courtesy of the RD and best timers in the running world, John Burke & Co! We'll be running the 6K race right after the Fudge 5K in the morning!

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