JFK 50 Miler

March 20th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 3.16

Day 79 - Holy-oke! What a dump of a city! It's a cross between Lowell 20 years ago, Worcestor today, and Hell, all of the time.

Every other property that I saw while driving in was either a liquor store or a condemned crack house (I couldn't tell the difference). I guess that's what happens when you're a part of the distribution channel for UMass Amheunser. Sorry for being so harsh, but whenever I have to drive three hours round-trip to time a race, I would hope that it would be a nice place!

Fortunately, the only decent area of Holyoke was the start and finish area of the 35th Annual St Patty's Day race. It was like being at an all-inclusive resort, once you left the premises, you were on your own with the natives.

The race itself was really well-managed and the crowd was amazing (over 5,200 registered runners!). Every bar within a 10 block radius was in on the party, and of course, there was no open container law within the city limits (but that might be the case with Holyoke, 365 days a year).

It was nice to see fellow GLRR Scotty Graham out there with a strong run, on a tough looking course. Besides the crack houses, I also noticed a lot of hills when I drove in. The temps were also in the low to mid 70's by the time that the race was over with.

Scott finished 169th out of 4846 overall!

It was a rough day for a few runners. Some were carried off on stretchers (convulsing), and the area around the finish line looked like the pie eating scene from Stand By Me. Can you say hyponatremia, or alchohol poisening? Take your pick.

I got back to Lowell around 5PM, but it was still nice out enough to go for a trail run with the boys and Rachel. I decided to stay close to home and just do my run in the Lowell State Forest. It was probably one of my worse (worst?) runs of the year, but I am glad I got it out of the way today, instead of tomorrow at New Bedford.

Then it was onto more serious business, the defeat of Zeus and his minions in God of War III!

Oh yeah, I also have to get up for a race in 6 hours...just one more hour....please!!??

(Photo courtesy of Kratos...yeah, it's what you think is going to happen...)

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