JFK 50 Miler

March 6th, 2010 - Training - Wellesley/Newton - 14.2

Day 65 - As much fun as the Fudge 5K series was, I am kind of relieved that it's all over now. That meant that I would get my Saturday mornings back! It's been awhile since I last slept in on a cold Saturday morning....


GLRR training runs for Boston are on Saturdays? At What TIME?! Cale-se!

Well, at least the weather was absolutely gorgeous for a run. Upper 40's, blue sky, bright sun, female runners in fewer layers.

And of course, you had the course and great company.

The course for the first run of the GLRR Boston training runs started from Mile 15, and we could go as far as we wanted. The majority of those that went this morning ended up flattening Heart Break Hill and turning back around (and around) for a total of about 13-17 miles.

The company included Fil, Scott, Dave, Mike, Jimmy, Jon, and Cullen. The awesome volunteers who made it all possible for us included Glenn, Jessica, Linda, and Rachel (Thanks for coming out and putting up with us!). The three lovely ladies also put in a run while they waited for our mol-asses at the 4/8 mile water stops. Glenn ran too, but mostly to the bathroom:)

We left the DD in Drum Hill around 8AM and were on the road and running a little after 8:30AM.

My goal pace for today were 7:30's, and I ran most of the first six miles with Scott, who's also looking to break 3 hrs at Boston.

If it wasn't for Scott, then I think I would have missed the right turn at the fire house, onto Commonwealth Ave. I'm so use to seeing a huge crowd here that it didn't look at all familiar.

I tackled the hills (including Heartbreak) of the next four miles at roughly a 7:20 pace, and I felt great, thanks in large part to the amazing amount of other runners out there this morning. I had on my Greater Lowell singlet, so it was nice to hear "Go Greater Lowell!" every once in awhile. It's quite an experience to see and run with so many other runners, for a training run! I LOVE BOSTON!

I completed the first part of my run at mile 6.55 (about a half mile past Boston College) in order to put in at least a half-marathon. Scott had already turned around at BC, so I didn't see him again until the finish. I did however run into Fil and Mike who were planning to put in at least 17-18.

The next group that I passed, on the return trip, were Cullen and Dave, both of which were going at a pretty good clip. Followed by Jon and Jimmy.

By the time I reached the ladies at the water stop, I was well ahead of the last runners in our group. I knew that If I continued on at my pace that I would be back at the finish for awhile, alone. I decided to just run to the fire house, about 1.5 miles past the last water stop, turn around, and hang around with the volunteers until everybody was back. This would still give me at least 13 on the day.

Unfortunately, about a mile into my return-return trip, I ran into Fil and Mike and they said the water volunteers had decided to return to the finish, so that the early finishers wouldn't have to wait around for too long without a change of clothes.

I had nothing else better to do at that point so I turned back around with Fil and Mike, and back to the fire house and beyond I went. By the time I reached the starting/finish area, I had logged in 14.2 miles at a 7:20 pace. A little faster and further than I had originally planned, but that's usually the case when you're feeling good!

Fil and Mike continued on for another 4-5 miles and finished with 17 miles on the day. Hey, Fil, no whining at tomorrow's race!:)

Only thing left to do now is eat pizza, drink beer, and rest up for tomorrow's race in Lawrence. Goal is to finish in the top 10, run a 5:45 pace, and hopefully, place 1st in my age group to extend that streak to 4 races in-a-row.

Sidenote, I had this song stuck in my head all day (WARNING: I am not responsible if this song gets stuck in your head, too). It's a good song, but let me know if you have a good remedy for getting rid of a stuck song, short of cracking your head open removing it manually.

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