JFK 50 Miler

Zombie Jesus Day - Training - Boston - 5.4

Day 94 - If I was a betting man, and if God played dice, then I would bet that heaven would be something like this: Charles River, 85 degrees, cool breeze, sunny, co-eds in tight shorts, and a 6 mile run while the wife is happily shopping in Chinatown.

Strap a bomb to me and I'd do it for that.

Here's the route that I ran today in Boston:

It's been at least 6 months since I last ran through the streets of Boston. It's definitely one of my favorite places to run. You can cover so much scenery in such short time: The Common, Chinatown, Charles River, Fenway, The Garden, The Public Garden, Downtown Crossing, Beacon Hill, Bunker Hill, North End, South End, West End, East Boston, BU, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Theatre District, Seaport District, Financial District, and of course, the best one of them all, The Redlight District.

It was about high noon by the time I got to my starting point near the Boston Herald building on Washington St., after dropping Rachel off in a very congested Chinatown. I quickly changed into my running gear and strapped on my Camelbak full of water (and mildew, more about that later).

I made my way back into Chinatown, on foot this time, and straight for the foot bridge near the Half-Shell on the Charles. I ran up and down the Charles, trying to keep my focus as much as possible (tough today with all of the eye candy out and bouncing about).

I kept a steady pace of about 7:30's, and had covered close to 4 miles 30 minutes into my run. I thought I would have had at least 4 hours to myself with Rachel shopping, but she called me sooner than I had expected. A lot sooner. It was time to call it a beautiful day and head back to Chinatown to meet her after only 40 minutes of running. I crossed back over Storrow Drive and headed up Beacon Hill to cap off a great run.

I met up with Rachel and spent the rest of the afternoon wondering about Boston.

The best part of today's run was that I wanted to keep going! The legs are itching to run again, even as I write this post. I haven't had that feeling in awhile. That's usually a very good sign of things to come, like two-a-days. Watch out Glenn!

(soon to be common on the Common)
(Citgo sign has been altered for marathon superstitious people like EJ)
As for the mildew. I had stored away my Camelbak over the winter and didn't realize that mildew, or some other gunk, had built up in the drinking tube. Nasty! I nearly puked when I noticed what I had been drinking through. Remember to have your drinking tubes removed and neutered frequently!


  1. It's VERY bad karma to post a pic of the Citgo sign two weeks before Boston. Repent ye sinner, repent.

  2. Save me Jebus! Image has been updated, but I never repent!