JFK 50 Miler

May 27th, 2010 - Track - Chelmsford, MA - 4

Day 147 - Felt like crap all day, legs included. Was not expecting to get much out of my track workout tonight, but still showed up.

Coach had an abbreviated workout for those that raced on Tuesday (8 x 400's). Most of the others did the 5 x 1 milers, or some combo of both. Keith and I showed up late, so we were partnered up together, even though we would have partnered up naturally. Keith has been kicking ass recently and is right behind me speed-wise.

Coach told me to shoot for 75-80 second quarters. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I felt like crap, and that I had two 5K races this coming Saturday. He also didn't notice that I was wearing my Five Fingers, again.

Wanted to have a little fun and test out the FF's on the track, where I knew they'd perform pretty well.

Interval 1 - 79 seconds
Interval 2 - 77 seconds
Interval 3 - 77 seconds
Interval 4 - 75 seconds
Interval 5 - 78 seconds (stepped on goose shit)
Interval 6 - 76 seconds
Interval 7 - 74 seconds (goose shit gone)
Interval 8 - 70 seconds

FF's held up nice and the pounding wasn't that bad, mainly due to the nice track conditions.

Legs actually feel rejuvenated after the workout. VFF's coming through again?

Ordered the new Bikila model through my brother's company today. Should be interesting to see how the new ones feel.

To be honest, one of the main reasons why I've been wearing the FF's so much recently is because of this:

(Who could have enjoyed my Newtons more than me?)

(I wonder...)

(Hope it was worth it, Teddy)

Fil! Order up those new trainers, stat!

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