JFK 50 Miler

June 20th, 2010 - Training - Lowell > Tyngsboro - 7

Day 171 - Completed a tempo run from my place in Lowell to my parents' place in Tyngsboro. Temps were in the low 80's when I left Lowell at 6PM.

First Sunday in a long time where I had absolutely nothing planned. I just caught up on about two months worth of sleep deprivation, and then slept some more. I didn't get up until about 2PM! More tired from the drive to and from the Mt. Washington race yesterday than running the race itself.

Still feeling a little disappointed in my effort at Mt. Washington. I'm just not feeling the pain that I thought I'd be feeling today. Did I not even try?!

Tempo run felt great. Legs still feel fresh. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Plan is to race Mine Falls, for the first time this season, tomorrow evening.

Good Times Summer Series starts on Tuesday.

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