JFK 50 Miler

July 17th, 2010 - Training - Lowell > Tyngsboro > Lowell - 15

Day 198 - Today was the official kick-off of my JFK 50 training with a 15 miler in about 80-85 degree temps.

This was going to be my longest run since Sugarloaf over 2 months ago.

I left the apt around 8AM, with my water-filled Camelbak, and met up with the GLRR group run already heading out. I quickly found out from Glenn that Alex was going to be the only one going long (14 miles as he's getting ready for the Baystate Marathon).

Glenn was only doing 5 as he's running the Stowe 8 Miler tomorrow morning. I also noticed a heavily bandaged elbow on Glenn due to a recent fall. I'll have to get more gory details on Monday at the GLRR board meeting. Stay tuned.

Alex and I cruised through the first 8 miles (7:44 pace) right behind Andy C. and Mike S, with Andy and Mike turning back home around the Rourke Bridge. We continued on with the first half of the marathon course into Chelmsford, and then a detour onto my parents' house in Tyngsboro for a bathroom and water break.

My plan for the JFK 50 is to average sub 9's, so I have to start getting use to slower training runs. Even 7:40's would probably be too fast for me to sustain over 50 miles, so I'll have to wake up some more slow twitch muscles.

It was getting quite warm when we headed back home, and our goal was to shoot for an overall average of sub 8's.

I felt great through Mile 12 where Alex and I stopped at CVS for some Gatorade. The water was just not cutting it anymore at this point. I was sweating too much and not recovering any electrolytes. Thanks for buying the drinks, Alex!

We went our separate ways at around Mile 13.5 at the School St bridge crossing. My legs felt a little dead over the last mile, but still managed a strong kick for the final half mile.

Ended up averaging a 7:46 under very tough conditions. I'm pretty sure Alex finished around the same pace. Very nice run, Alex!

Running with Alex at his marathon goal pace will be a great tool for me to use in my training for the 50 miler. I plan on putting in at least two long runs per week going forward.

Foot felt fine throughout today's run, but still a little cautious. Waiting for a second opinion from a Dr. Dolittle.

Sunday plan is to run the 10K run course after timing the Winchendon Tri.


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