JFK 50 Miler

August 28th, 2010 - Training - Charles River - 13

Day 239 - And now for something different.

Looks like Teddy might be sidelined from running for awhile. We took him to a free vet clinic in Cambridge this morning to get him checked out for a growth on his under belly. The poor pup might have injured himself while running with me through the woods.

Love and time should mend his wounds. He better. He has two months to recover for his canincross debut!

I took the opportunity to go for a nice run along the Charles while Rachel (she puts up with a lot) waited in line at the vet's for over two hours.

My original intention was to run into Boston to see all of the co-eds moving in for another semester, but instead I took a left and ended up heading out to Newton/Watertown along the Charles where it was much quieter and not as "interesting".

I did, however, discover some really cool trails along the Charles that runs parellel to the main running path.

Went out and back for a total of 13.

(Rest up, Champ)

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