JFK 50 Miler

Moving Day, 2010 - Training - Lowell > Tewksbury > Lowell > Tewksbury > Lowell - 48

Day 212 - There's a lot to like about Lowell, so that means there's a lot to miss about it too. Consider this my farewell love letter to the city that raised me. The city where I've spent 20+ years running around in and causing trouble in. During those years, I've seen the city change from Crack St to Main St, crack houses to luxury apartments, empty store fronts to hip eateries.

A lot of the friends I grew up with in Lowell have already moved on and moved out of the city limits. Today was my turn.

I remember how much Rachel (from uppity Bedford, MA) wanted to never live in Lowell when I first suggested that we get an apt in Lowell a few years ago. She eventually gave in because of the dog-friendly apt at 305 Dutton St. She eventually grew to like Lowell, warts and all.

Lowell is a city on the rise once again and I've seen it first hand. Just go down to Market/Merrimack St. on a Friday/Saturday evening.

I'm still nearby in Tewksbury, but I don't see myself returning to Lowell, any time soon, like I did after my college years. I actually only see myself moving further and further away as new opportunities arise.

For now, I am still a member of Greater Lowell.

BTW, the mileage in the title is in regards to the total miles UHaul charged me for hauling all of my crap from one place to the other. I actually only ran 3.5, but that was to pick up the UHaul truck.
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  1. For now? Uh, don't forget that GLRR has members that reside in Vermont. You're not getting off that easy, there will be no turning in your forest green.

  2. I'll be slime green 4 life! What I meant is that I still reside within the borders of what is considered Greater Lowell :)