JFK 50 Miler

Oct 26th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 5.2

Day 299 - The Tuesday Night Fun Run with GLRR lived up to its billing. It was Tuesday night. It was fun. It was a run. And it was with GLRR members.

This now weekly run is an extension of the 12-step program developed for those suffering from GT5K withdrawal.

Last night we had at least 8 people running, including Jim, Mark, Dave, Glenn, Liane, Matt, Jay, and Jeff. I apologize if I forgot someone. It was either too dark or you guys took off like a bat out of Lo-well.

We ran mainly through the ritzy neighborhood where Jim lives. I even saw a castle for sale!

It actually felt like a GT5K run, less the sunshine, with the temps in the upper 60's! Jim was ready to strip down to his underoos by the time we hit the two nasty hills near the end of the run. Let me just say that it was a good thing it was dark out.

The run was followed up with free pizza and beer at Hookslides. Oh yeah, the monthly club meeting too. It was a packed house, with everyone in attendance hooting and hollering for Glenn as he spoke. Strangely, the hooting and hollering matched up perfectly with the action at the Celtics' home opener, playing on the big screen TV next to Glenn....

Glenn did, however, manage to set a PR for longest amount of time spent trying to out-shout the rowdy crowd at Hookslides, coming close to an hour! Have another thirsty, my friend!

I'm definitely looking forward to getting out to more of these "safety in number" runs. It's a lot easier to cross the street when you know someone else will probably get hit by the on-coming traffic.

(Honk if You're Horny)

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