JFK 50 Miler

Sept 30th, 2010 - Track - Chelmsford, MA - 6

Day 273 - The first time I show up early for track, I'm late! Go figure.

Tough workout tonight (3 x 2 milers at half-marathon pace w/ 800 rest). Humidity has been out in full force the past couple of nights. Tonight was no different.

I  went through all of my intervals at the same pace (6:20) as my run at Wilmington on Sunday. I came late so I was pretty much on my own after my first two intervals. They all left me in the lurch, all except for Deric. Thanks, Deric!

Enjoyed some OK pizza with the trackers afterwards at Willow's. We even managed to get a free pizza! Willow's is OK, but nothing beats BYOB at Mario's in Lexington!

Speaking of which, next week is the last week of track at CHS (5:30PM), and then it's back to the Death Dome at Lexington High starting in early November.

(It's time for track somewhere in the world)

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