JFK 50 Miler

Dec 2nd, 2010 - Track - Lexington, MA - 5

Day 336 - Like all things good and bad, this blog too must end one day. Actually, it'll end in 29 days to be exact.

My original plan was to run for 365 days straight, and write about it for 365 days straight. Well, that day is almost here. I might be jinxing myself by posting this entry less than a month shy of the finish line, but what the hell, I've been doing crap like this all year. Why stop now.

I don't know what's going to happen over the final 29 days, but most likely I'll probably continue to rag on Fil, and Fil will probably give up the 365 day streak. I win.

What I do know for sure though that this is just the beginning. The beginning of the end.

Next year is going to be a little different. I plan on taking some time off from running and to focus on a couple of things that I've ignored over the previous 336 days, like changing my underwear and going to work.

This means fewer races, fewer long runs, and fewer thirsties with all of the incredible people that I've met over the past year. I'll be acknowledging all of those fine folks over the final few days, but in short, these are the people that have made my running experience in 2010 such an incredible one.

Thank You.

But before I set off into the distant sunset for slime green pastures, there is one piece of unfinished business that I need to take care of.

Won't you join me?

(Hint: The photo is a link!)

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