JFK 50 Miler

Dec 4th, 2010 - Having Fun - Lowell, MA - 8

Day 338 - It's been too long since I've done the Saturday morning group run with GLRR. With nothing but MCR on my schedule this weekend I decided to head down to Lowell for the weekly gathering.

I was looking to do 6-8 easy miles as a warmup for MCR.

Marli, Glenn, Scott, Paula, Dave, and Paul were all ready to head out when I got there at 8AM.

Paul left our group of five at School St. to finish off his 5 mile run.

Dave was out in front running sub 8's at this point.

Marli, Glenn, and I went down the river at 8:30's before Marli turned back at mile 3 to finish off her "6" mile run. Glenn and I continued on towards the Rourke.

Glenn was going to focus on doing 8's for his 10-12 miler, so I left him to chase down Dave on the other side of the river.

I eventually caught Dave a little after the MCR Leg 3/4 transition area. We continued on together for another 4 miles at about 7:30's before finishing back where we started in 1 hr and 3 mins (7:55 pace).

It was an excellent run on a beautiful morning.

I need to do more of these runs, and so should YOU!

See you guys, and more, next weekend at 8AM!

(Best looking group so far!)

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  1. Not many of them left, Fudgicle series is just around the corner. Brrrrrrr.