JFK 50 Miler

Jan 13th, 2010 - Track Workout - Lexington, MA - 8

Day 13 - Fil and I were formally intitiated into the GLRR Running "Gang" tonight. The beat down took place at Lexington High at the hands of Glenn and Jim S. The method of torture consisted of 4 x 1 milers at 5k pace, with a little less than a half mile rest interval in between each mile.

Fil and I had never participated in a track workout before and didn't know what to expect. Ignorance is bliss!

After a slow and steady 1.5 mile warmup, the four us were off to the races!

Something to keep in mind. The Lexington High indoor track is a banked track with each lap covering about .09 miles. Yeah, that's a lot of laps for 1 mile (11 laps). You can get real dizzy, real quick.

The goal pace for tonight was about a 6:35-6:40 pace per mile interval, which equates to about 30 seconds per lap, give or take a few tenths of a second.

It was fun and exciting to be working out with a "larger" group of runners at that pace, and a nice change of "pace" from our prior 12 day routine. The laps were literally flying by and before I knew it, the first mile interval was done in about 6:35. Right on target. Fil and I were running with the real deal tonight!

It got real hot, real fast by the third mile interval and taking off my first layer, and hat, made a world of difference. I could now feel the air flowing through my hair and stinky shorts. Fil probably didn't appreciate the smell though.

Glenn took charge in the fourth and final mile interval and pulled Jim and I around the track for 10 laps. Thanks, Glenn (considering you ran 20 miles the day before!!).

Fil had fallen back a little bit by this point in order to run at his own target pace. By the 11th lap of my final mile, I saw Fil in my sights and had to take him down. It didn't hurt that Jim was right on my tail, and pushing me to the finish. The mini duel between Jim and I began on the back half, and we kicked it into high gear as we barely passed Fil at the very end of the final lap! Photo finish!

If my running career ended tonight, I would have accomplished everything I've set out to do in this lifetime. The last thing on that bucket list being, "to lap Fil". Just kidding, Fil. Love ya buddy and great running tonight!

We ended the night with some great pizza, great beer (Thanks, Glenn!), and great company at Mario's in Lexington Center.

Even though we all had a great night of running, nobody had a better night than the waitress with the 100% tip. Hey, she was cute.

Footnote: Glenn, don't forget to remember what I was suppose to remind you not to forget, because I have completely forgotten what I was suppose to remind you not to forget.

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