JFK 50 Miler

Jan 12th, 2010 - Training - Chelmsford, MA - 4.5

Day 12 - So this is what it feels like to be human, or at least like Fil. With the bosses away, I was able to make my way up Rt 3 to Fil's workplace for a lunch time run, and get a glimpse of what Fil does during the day.

This was going to be my first lunch time run during the work day since 2007! I need to find a new job, maybe on Jan 28th, perhaps?!

I got down to Fil's place by 12, and we were on the road by 12:15. Our goal today was an easy 3-4 miler. Of course, I couldn't keep it as an easy run, and Fil couldn't keep it to 3-4 miles. We ended up doing 4.5 at a pretty good clip.

Fil's workmate (forget his name) joined us, and was with us the whole way even though he was getting over a hacking cough. That's just weakness leaving the body, right? Or his last breath...

It was a great run, and now I didn't have to worry about putting in a run when I got home, but I was pretty dang sleepy for the rest of the afternoon. I guess I'm too use to my night running/sleeping.

Boss is away for another day on Wednesday, but the plan is to put in a track workout with GLRR in Lexington after work. Should be fast and fun!

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