JFK 50 Miler

Jan 19th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 8

Day 19 - A wise runner once said, the secret to running on ice is to not fall down. Unfortunately, I could not heed my own advice and took two nasty spills on my run from the apartment to Panera Bread in Drum Hill. Why Panera Bread? Because it's there! Actually, Kelly "dared" me to meet her at Panera Bread when I told her I was going for a run. Good thing she wasn't in Boston! I love it when someone tells me to meet them somewhere right before I go for a run, as a joke. Who's laughing now?! This was probably the most fun I had ever had running...well, since Sunday.

The round trip run came out to 8 miles in 62 mins. Roads were slick and there were plenty of slush puddles to fall into. I took my first spill in front of the Hess station down the street from the UMass Lowell South campus. I just wasn't paying attention and slipped on a little slope covered in ice. More a bruised ego than a bruised knee type of fall. Walnuts still in good shape.

Going to give a rare shout out to Fil here for picking me up a nice pair of runner's lingerie the other night. Thanks, Fil! The tights are perfect for 30+ degree weather. Definitely going to wear them at Boston Prep. Good thing you didn't pick up the crotchless pair!

I eventually reached Panera Bread, and Kelly, at the 4 mile mark. She was studiously studying when I surprised her. Boy, it was nice and cozy in there. I only spent 5 minutes chit-chatting with Kelly as I didn't want to cool down too much. I still had 4 miles to go even though Kelly offered me a ride home. Thanks, Kelly!

I headed out for the run home, jumping in and out of the well-worn, snow covered sidewalks. What an incredible workout when you're not falling down! My second spill came around mile 5 in front of Market Basket on Wood St. I jumped over a pile of plowed snow and landed on a patch of ice on the other side. Down goes Frazier! It was more painful than embarrassing this time around, banging my knee on the frozen cement as I tried to catch myself. It took me about another mile before I was able to shake the pain.

All in all, I felt great on tonight's run, and felt that I could have continued on for at least another 8. It was definitely a nice change from running on the death machine the night before. Here's to running on the road!Of course, Fil chickened out and ran on the dreadmill at lunch time for a total of 3.6 miles. Fil, want some crumpets with your tea? Wuss:)

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