JFK 50 Miler

Jan 23rd, 2010 - Race - Tewksbury, MA - 3.13

Day 23 - 65 early risers/insomniacs braved the 13 degree temps for Fudgicle #4 in Tewksbury, MA.

Today's race was a chance for me to capture a different place finish for the fourth week in a row:

Week 1 - 3rd
Week 2 - 4th
Week 3 - 2nd
Week 4 - 1st?!? 5th?!?

Ha, like in week 3, my hopes of a 1st place finish were once again dashed away by Dan V. I sure didn't want to settle on 5th today, so I stuck close to Frank G. right from the start. Frank had just come off of a strong 5k race out in the wilds of Canada...OK, Rochester, NY.

Frank and I settled into a nice and steady 6:14 pace for about the first 2 miles. Dan was about a minute ahead, with Andy about 20 seconds behind us. It was around the 2 mile mark that I decided to make my move on Dan. Unfortunately, Dan was probably close to finishing at that point.

I could still sense Frank on my tail over the last mile and all the way to my 2nd place finish, averaging a 6:08 pace. Thanks for the push, Frank! So much for taking it easy before the 16 miler tomorrow.

Overall, the run felt great and I really enjoyed the "slower" start, with close to even splits through most of it.

2 Jason Bui 19:22 Lowell
3 Frank Georges 19:44 Lowell
4 Andy Chandonnet 20:08 Lowell
10 Fil Faria 21:21 NH Hudson
12 Jim Stronach 22:11 Lowell
13 Mike "Hurtin' for Certain" Hurton 22:20 Tewksbury
14 Mark Blaisdell 22:46 Wilmington
17 Glenn Stewart 23:03 N.Chelmsford

Time for a little R&R before Fil and I climb the hills of Derry.

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