JFK 50 Miler

Jan 28th, 2010 - Track Workout - 6

Day 28 - The cold has finally returned, and so has my hatred for New England winters. The windchill factor brought the outside temps down to almost 0 degrees! when Fil and I drove out to Lexington for our weekly track workout with the GLRR crew.

Tonight's workout schedule consisted of a 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 ladder, and to top it off, 4 x 1 slices of buffalo chicken pizza at Mario's. Speaking of schedules, I apparently can't keep one. Fil and I showed up late to the workout due to the fact that I forgot that all James Cameron films are 3 f'n hours long! I'm more sore from sitting through Avatar then from my workout (really fun film by the way, but you have to see it in IMAX 3D!).

Glenn & Co were already stretched out and warmed up by the time Fil and I got to the cousin of the Hamster-Dome, the Rat-Dome. As a matter of fact, Fil and I took two hard falls before we even got started! I took my spill out in the parking lot looking for my Garmin watch, and Fil took his spill on the stairs going to the little boy's room. NO RUNNING or HUMPING on ice!

For the first time, Fil and I had to pace our workout without the aid of Atomic (Clock) Man Jim S. Our lonely twosome workout wasn't as much fun as when we got to run with the big boys, but Fil and I made due with what we had.

I suck at pacing, so I went out like a bat out of hell for the 400 & 800 intervals, and brought it back down to earth for the 1200 & 1600. I did manage to eek out a sub 6 minute pace for my workout, which ended up being a total of 4 miles. Fil was somewhere above 6's throughout his workout, so what does that usually mean when someone else runs a little faster than someone else on a short track, especially in the 1600 meter event? You got that right!;)

Overall, it was a great workout other than the fact that my left calf (tightness from Derry, still) felt like it was ready to pop. Fil's planter fascimile (it's late, I'm not looking up the spelling) was starting to act up again.

Useless side notes:
- I spilt beer all over myself at Mario's (I was debating whether to include this in the blog tonight, since it is
  MY blog).
- Colin spilt beer all over the table (This was definitely going in the blog, since it is MY blog).
- Fil taught me my first Portuguese word, but I still can't figure out if it's a swear or not.
- It was when he asked me to pass the knife in his native tongue. Excuse me?!

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