JFK 50 Miler

Jan 31st, 2010 - Training - All Over Creation - 15

Day 31 - The last day of the first month of the new year found myself, Frank G., Glenn S., Jim Q., and Andy C. at Gold's Gym in Chelmsford for the weekly group run. Missing this morning is Fil (foot issues acting up) and Jim R. (last minute cancellation).

Today was a good opportunity for me to finally make up some ground on Fil in overall mileage. Coming into this morning I had 155+ and Fil lead with 168+. This was the first weekend run in a long time that I didn't run with my buddy Fil. Oh how I'll miss kicking his butt.

Frank and I planned to put in 15 at about a 7:30 pace. Glenn & Co had their own targets for the day. The weather was about the same as yesterday's Fudgicle race, but a tad bit "warmer". It was about 10 degrees, and sunny, when the group departed from Gold's at about 8:15AM.

The group hung together through the first 3 miles, and I chatted it up with Jim Q. I learned that he was going back to the Azores this summer and I think he managed to convince me to go with him. His planned, daily itinerary for his August trip? Run, eat, Run, eat, Run, eat, get drunk, fall down. I'm in!

Frank and I broke off from the group around mile 5, and we were starting to edge closer to the 7:30 pace by the time we came up on Robin Hill Road at mile 5.75. The actual hill itself is about 1/4 of a mile from bottom to top, and then it's a steady downhill for about 2.5 miles.

Mile 10 found the two of us sprinting the hill on Mill Rd, and once again, we managed to keep pace, and actually pick up our pace to 7:25, by the time we got to the bottom at mile 12.

The final stretches of the run took us down Stedman St for a rolling 2 miles, where we managed to pick up our pace once again, before turning onto Westford St, and back to home base at Gold's. We completed this stretch in sub 7's, but I struggled as Frank the Tank easily took off down Drum Hill Road.

The final tally for our run ended up being roughly 15 miles in 1 hr 49 mins (7:16 pace).

I actually felt better today than last weekend in Derry, thanks in large part to a calf muscle that cooperated.

Glenn ran all over creation, and thensome, to get in 17.5 in 144+ minutes (8:16 pace).

Jim and Andy can post their results below.

Excellent running overall.

Post Script: Fil just texted me and said he managed to put in 6.25 miles through the scenic streets of greater Lowell in about 48 minutes. He encountered one pit bull, so that explains how he was able to run so fast. Nice job, Speedster!

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