JFK 50 Miler

Jan 30th, 2010 - Race - Tewskbury, MA - 3.14

Day 30 - So it's not an official Fudgicle series unless the temps reach -10? Well, Dave, it's now official.

Well, not until we get the official results posted, but I am going to have to call it official with the temps reaching dangerously close to the "permanent walnut impairment" level. That's good enough for me.

Before heading out and bundling up this morning, I pulled a Glenn S. (or to be more precise, Glenn S.'s grand kid) and wrapped an Ace Bandage around my sore calf. It really works!

As for bundling up, I had on two layers down below, four layers up top, my "bakclava" (yum), beanie, head warmer, two pairs of mittens, sunglasses, and brain damage. Even with all of this on, I still could not feel a couple of my toes, and either hands, for about 2 miles during the race.

I don't know what it is or how the body works, but everything completely warmed up a little after mile 2. Temps were still the same, and there was even a headwind, but hands and feet completely warmed up. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the walnuts though.

The race itself was uneventful (where was Frank!?) for some of us. I managed to run the same time as last week (19:22), and once again captured 2nd place (Thanks, Dan!). Only notable event for me was my mini duel in the "sun" with a "new face". He passed me, to take over 2nd place, at about the half mile mark going pretty strong, but I managed to pass him back, a little before the 2 mile mark, to recapture 2nd for the remainder of the race.

I could definitely feel the benefits of the weekly track workouts with GLRR coming into play today. When I noticed that new face was struggling with keeping his hands warm, I made a surge and passed him easily. Typically, I would have fallen back a bit after passing someone this early in the race, but because of the track workouts, I was able to hang on and even kick it up a notch for the final mile. Very nice feeling to see the hard work pay off (Thanks, GLRR!).

It appears that Andy C. had an eventful day. Apparently, he was late to the starting line by about 1 minute (even though Fil and I saw him warming up). What happened Andy? Andy is usually right on my tail at this race, and it wasn't the same not having him breath down my neck for at least a part of this race. Andy still managed to make up a lot of ground on the the majority of runners though. Nice job!

Maybe a long run with most of the GLRR crew tomorrow morning from Gold's Gym.

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