JFK 50 Miler

Jan 3rd, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 3.5 Miles

Day 3 brought some of the worse running weather so far this winter (cold, snow, and plenty of WIND). Fil and I were up to 2AM discussing (and goofing around on Google calendar) our options for a run:

- Option 1: Run with Glenn & Co at the weekly GLRR 8AM Sunday run. That was out of the question by the time we went to bed at 2AM. Sorry Glenn! Amazing job on your part (and Jim Q's.) for putting in 11+ miles in those conditions!! Fil and I still need to work on dedication.

- Option 2: Run a 5 mile road race out in Fitchburg. Looking at the prior year results for this race, there were 38 finishers and the race was held on JUNE 2ND! We didn't want to drive 45 minutes to a race that had a good shot of being cancelled.

- Option 3: The Nuclear Option. Put in our "3 mile pact" on the Dread Mill.

We decided to go with the Nuclear Option and both got in 3.5 miles on the rat wheel.

Run Time: ~11AM

Weather: Room Temperature

Entry Fee: Irreprepable psychological damage from running on the Dread Mill.

Weather for the rest of the week looks a little bit better, but busy work schedule might lead to some really late night runs for myself.

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