JFK 50 Miler

Feb 14th, 2010 - Training - Lowell - 5.55

Day 45 - Not only did the beer truck hit me last night, it ran me over, backed up, and ran me over 7 more times! Ouch!

It was all well worth it as I managed to cram in three separate celebrations into one single night (Chinese New Year's/Wedding Anniversary/Valentine's Day)!

The best cure for a hangover though is to just sleep in and go for a run in the late morning on a gorgeous winter day!

Fil and I met up for a quick 5+ miler around Lowell at noon time. It was so nice out that I only wore my racing singlet up on top! Use your imagination for what I wore down below (if anything).

Headed back out an hour later for a 5K hike through the icy woods of Mine Falls with Rachel and the boys. What a great weekend, and I still have a holiday Monday to enjoy!

Running plan is to put in a long run with Fil and Glenn tomorrow morning. Glenn, let us know! Call or text me if you read this post too late! 978-987-6428.

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