JFK 50 Miler

Feb 15th, 2010 - Training - Lowell/Chelmsford/Tyngsboro/Westford - 17.18

Day 46 - There are only three proper ways to celebrate President's Day: Go to work, buy a car, or go for a long run with friends. Since Fil and I did not have to go work or need a car (well, at least I don't) we both opted to go out for a long run, along with Glenn, as friends.

Our goal for today was to put in at least 14 miles, while Glenn was going for a shorter long run of at least 12 miles, and a target pace of 7:50. This was going to be Glenn's last long run over 10 as he prepares to taper for NOLA in less than 2 weeks.

I left the apt around 11:20AM (weather was about the same as yesterday, but a bit windier), to pick up Fil at his parent's place half-a-mile up-the-road. Fortunately, Fil was up early today and was almost ready for our run. He just needed to partially dress, so he threw on his pants and we were ready to go by 11:40.

Our next stop was Gold's Gym in Drum Hill to pick up Glenn at 12PM. Fil and I were about 15 seconds early as Glenn was just getting out of his car as we pulled into the gym parking lot. The run from Fil's to Gold's was about 2.7 miles, so we were already nice and warmed up by the time we left Gold's a little after 12:10.

The route on tap for today was the "River Loop". Digression: I would rank the mental challenge of running the River Loop about one step below doing a long run on a treadmill. This is due to my past experiences at the Baystate Marathon, and other long runs that end up on the other side (Lowell Volk) of the Tyngsboro Bridge. There is just something about that long stretch heading down 113 South that makes me want to jump in the river...but I digress.

The three of us headed down Technology Drive, right onto Route 4 N, through Viynl Square, down Dunstable Road (Hi Mom, Hi Dad!), right onto Westford Rd, over the river, and through the woods.

Glenn led the majority of the run with his sub 7:45 pace, and thankfully, we detoured onto Sherburne Ave/Varnum Ave when we got to the other side of the river, thus avoiding 113 altogether. In all my years of running in the area, I had never thought of running this stretch of road. It's a great road if you're looking for a variety of terrain (relative to 113) with some nice uphill portions.

Fil and I said our goodbyes and departed from Glenn shortly after crossing the Rourke Bridge. Fil needed some water at that point so we stopped at White Hen on the corner of Wood St & Princeton Blvd. We were both hurting badly by the time we got moving again down Princeton for the final two mile stretch. I had never gone from feeling so great to feeling so shitty in such a short period of time.

It took us about a mile before we were able to shake the near fatal bout of the Runner's Death Grip from our lower extremities. It literally had me by the walnuts. For me, it was the inappropriate chafing that got to me again. An appropriate song for this occasion would be Scar Tissue by TRHCP. Great song, bad experience.

I left Fil at mile 16 to continue on home. Thank god that my final half mile was down hill as I was nearly out of gas as I got to my front door at mile 17.18.

This ended up being Fil and I's longest long run so far this season, and we (speaking for Fil) felt great, less the 1 mile death stretch after our stop for water.

Glenn hit his marks, and thensome, with a 12.3 mile run in 94 minutes (7:40! pace). Big Easy is going to live up to it's name for Glenn, fo sizzle!

Now it's time for me to taste the agony of victory by taking a shower and enjoy the Winter Olympics...why me!!??

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