JFK 50 Miler

Feb 18th, 2010 - Training - Lowell/Tyngsboro/Chelmsford/Westford - 6.75

Day 49 - If Dunstable Road wasn't haunted before, then it is now. Ran past the scene of a one car accident tonight and it didn't look too good for the driver. Car was wrapped around a tree and they were putting the body into the ambulance when I got there....scary.

Ran from the apt in Lowell to my parents place in Tyngsboro to help them with their taxes. The thanks I get? A ride home.

In less somber news, for those reading this on Facebook, please check out my blog on blogger.com (click here) and vote on the new poll at the top of the page. I will try to update mileage totals on a weekly basis.

Tomorrow is the big 50 in terms of days since Jan 1st, the day this whole thing started. Fil and I plan to run 50 miles together to commemorate the occasion....

...Unfortunately, chinks are beginning to appear in our armor. Fil with his foot, and me with my lower, left calf. The calf has been sore since the long run with Glenn on Monday. Hopefully, it's just another come and go injury. Fortunately, no major racing this weekend other than the "final" Fudgicle 5K.

Good Luck to Rachel B. at the Providence Stair Climb! I wish I could have made it with you!

Here's a link to the entire series. I will definitely get to a few of these this year!

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