JFK 50 Miler

Feb 19th, 2010 - Training - Lowell - 3.1

Day 50 - In honor of Tiger Woods' return to the dating scene, I played a round of Tiger Woods 2010 Golf on the Wii when I got home (incredible game and controls).

I decided to go for a home run on the Par 5, 13th Hole at the Wentworth Invitational. At some point during my Happy Gilmore-like follow through, I heard a scary pop in my breast bone (hehe, I said breast).

It only hurts when I breathe, so it f'n hurts all of the time!

I then had to struggle through my 3.1 miles on the windmill, but it's Friday so it didn't suck as much.

Last official Fudge 5K tomorrow morning in Tewksbury. Definitely have to take it easy now with the sore calf muscle and painful boobie bone.

Oh yeah, this was also Day 50 of the 365 Day race. See the mileage totals above (or on my blog if you're reading this on Fbook) to see who's winning. Don't forget to vote, and vote often!

Going to see Lion King, in Boston, with Rachel tomorrow night!

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