JFK 50 Miler

March 18th, 2010 - Track - Lexington, MA - 5.5

Day 77 - Today's track workout almost didn't happen if it wasn't for Rachel. I left the apt this morning, for work, with everything except for my workout clothes! I didn't feel like driving home from Burlington and then back down to Lexington at rush hour, so I almost pulled a "Fil".

Rachel came to my rescue and brought down my workout clothes (freshly washed I might add) around 4PM. Did I mention that I love this girl?!

I decided that work could wait so we went over to the Burlington Mall for a stroll and some ice cream (chocolate ice cream I might add).

She dropped me off back at work, and then I spent the next hour playing Farkle on the company's dime. I left for Lexington around 6:30PM, and felt a great workout was in store for me.

Tonight's workout was with Glenn, Jim, Keith, and Mark. Yep, Fil pulled a Fil. "He wasn't feeling well."

The workout was going to be 10 x 400's with a target pace of 1:30 intervals, about 32 seconds per lap, with a 200M rest in between.

Everyone went through the first 8 intervals quite strong (Glenn took one interval off, but he didn't even plan on running tonight!), averaging about 1:28-29 per interval (6 min miles).

Remember that chocolate ice cream I had two hours earlier? Well, my stomach sure did. I couldn't hold it any longer and went to make room for Mario's. The amazing thing about chocolate is that it comes out looking the same as when it went in.

By the time I returned to the track to complete my workout, the other boys were finishing up. I still had two intervals to go, so I kicked it into high gear and finished the 9th interval in 1:22 and the 10th, and final interval, in 1:19.

Overall, a great workout and a lessoned learned. NO MORE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM BEFORE A RUN!

Left foot and hips a little sore due to over used Newtons. I definitely got a lot of use out of this pair, but it's definitely time to retire this two-year old pair of flats. You served me well, my green buddy. His younger brother is quietly waiting in the closet to make his racing debut. He'll be coming out of the closet for New Bedford.

After speaking to Glenn, it doesn't look like a sub 1:23 on a tough New Bedford course is realistic. Going to aim for a PR (sub 1:27 from Applefest), and save the sub 1:23 for Run To Remember in May.

Hoping to get some more GLRR singlets on camera at this weekend's race, but here's Mike Brodeur for your viewing pleasure:

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