JFK 50 Miler

St. Patty O'Furniture Day - Training - Lowell/Chelmsford/Westford/Tyngsboro - 6.75

Day 76 - Note to self, it's never a good idea to run down the (still) haunted Dunstable Road, after dark, on St. Patrick's Day when half of the drivers are more likely than not, drunk.

The plan for tonight was to just put in about 7 miles, and then go to our (Rachel and I) third anniversary dinner date. I made a deal with Rachel before I got home that If she allowed me to put in a semi-long run tonight, then I would let her take me out to dinner. Deal!

Like I always say, "Behind every great runner is a crazy, nagging wife. Fortunately, I'm not a great runner." Thanks Rach and happy anniversary!

My goal for the run tonight was to hit my Boston marathon target pace (6:40). I figure that the terrain from Lowell to Tyngsboro is very similar to the terrain leaving Hopkington. Both courses are on a road with painted yellow lines.

I managed a 6:39 pace for the entire 6.75 miles, and I felt great, but that wasn't even the best part! I managed to run into the apparition again on Dunstable Road. This time around "it" was hanging around the swamp area, a little after the town lines.

Don't tell me it's swamp gas because swamp gas don't look like this!:

(Looks kind of cute in the spooky way)

I've only managed to come across this lonesome character on my runs, so I've dubbed this ghost, "Pre".

Next haunted running tour is planned for next Wednesday night. Come one! Come All!

Indeed a tough act to follow, but here's another GLRR collectible (not as scary looking):

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