JFK 50 Miler

April 7th, 2010 - Training - Lowell > Tyngsboro > Lowell - 14.5

Day 97 - Tonight was a tale of two runs, a 7.25 miler under the warm late afternoon sun, fom Lowell to Tyngsboro, and 7.25 under the early evening moon, back home to Lowell.

No goals in mind other than to put in one final, solid, steady, well-paced long run before Boston (OK, a few goals).

The temps were in the mid 80's when I left the apt around 6:30PM. The heat wasn't as oppressive as I thought it would be. It helped that the big yellow ball in the sky got blocked by some thick clouds as I started my run. The air was easy to breathe, with a steady, but light, headwind heading into Tyngsboro. Got the nice tailwind on the way home, which is always a plus.

I guess I'm now ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us come April 19th.

Splits for tonight:

Fellow GLRR member, Phil Riley has been on my, and many others, mind the past few days. Most of you already know what had happened a few days ago, and we're all pulling for a full recovery. There's a group on Facebook wishing him well: Friends of Phil Riley

I haven't had a chance to meet Phil, and I hope I will eventually. Until then, he will continue to be on my mind.

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