JFK 50 Miler

April 9th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 3.1

Day 99 - Took it indoors on the treadmill with the cold rain falling outside tonight. Looks like a nice weekend with only some race timing (Saturday) and racing (Sunday) on the docket.

Since it's been quiet for me running/racing-wise, I'll use this opportunity to allow someone else talk about their own racing experience. The following is a snapshot of fellow GLRR Scott Graham's tremendous 2009 season, at the age of 50! Here's a snapshot of his 2009 racing experience:

Below is a list of all the races I competed in over the 2009 season. There were some HIGH points, Boston Marathon and there were some low points, a completely burnt out run in Plymouth, NH. I raced on foot, bike, snowshoe, road, trails, snow, across lakes, up mountains and across states. I fell in almost every snowshoe race. I gave it all I had in every race except for 1, once again it was the race in Plymouth, NH where I was so beat up I just took it easy and mailed in the effort. All in all it was a great year for me having turned 50 and putting it all on the line. Below is and a bunch of statistics:

Toed the line: 45
Miles raced: 311.94
Time spent racing: 35:43:59
Average mile pace: 0:07:22
Won Race: 1
Won division: 16
2nd in division: 11
3rd in division: 5
Podium finishes: 32
Number of runner ran against: 35074
Number of runner in my age cat.: 3014
# of SS races: 9
# of Road 5K races: 10
# of XC 5K races: 2
# of 3.5 mile races: 10
# of 5 mile races: 2
# of Half Marathons: 2
# of Marathons: 2
# of Relays legs: 6
# of Hill climbs: 1
# of Tri's: 1
Average Road running pace: 0:06:56
Average SS pace: 0:09:45
Shortest time spent racing: 0:18:53
Longest time spent racing: 6:31:51

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