JFK 50 Miler

May 12th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 3.16

Day 132 - I've discovered a love for wearing sweatpants while running, especially with the temps dipping into the upper 40's recently.

I typically follow the mantra of less is better, but recently I've been wearing loose fitting sweatpants (picture Rocky) on my short runs. It doesn't slow me down too much, which is a good thing because I tend to go too fast when I do my training runs alone. The sweats create a little more resistance, forcing me to work harder without running faster.

Legs felt great a day after another 5K PR.

Plan is still to run Sugarloaf with Glenn this weekend with a sub 3hr goal in mind. Our drive up to Kingfield, ME will take longer than that!

Helping out at GLRR track tomorrow evening. Hope to see some new faces out there!

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  1. You know you're getting old when..."I've discovered a love for wearing sweatpants while running..."

    I couldn't get to the track, because I headed for Woburn to wish my favorite Shamrock firefighter good luck at Sugarloaf. Say hi to Fireman Bob (and Sue D) and kick some asphalt J.