JFK 50 Miler

June 12th, 2010 - Race - Somerville, MA - 1.0

Day 163 - Matt, Fil, and I carpooled for the trip down to the Tufts University track for the 6th Annual Club Challenge Cup Marathon Relay Challenge Race Cup hosted by the fine folks at SRR.

The three of us were running under the GLRR flag, along with 23 others from GLRR.

It's definitely a unique event where each team member runs a minimum of 1 mile on the track. Fastest aggregate time over the 26.2 mile distance determines the winner.

Very cool to see the different clubs and familiar faces out there.

Matt was up first for the .2 sprint, and he gave everything he had for this leg. Unfortunately, he still had to run his mile about 42 minutes later. Next year's strategy is to just have the .2 sprinter run their mile right away in order to avoid the wait.

Team captain and organizer extraordinaire, and the man with more than one name, Chip "Skip" "Walter" Mann followed Matt with a 6:19 mile.

Chip's daughter, Karen, followed with a double mile (we were one short the required minimum of 10 females)! She completed this ultra leg with a steady 7:58 per mile pace. Thanks for stepping up Karen and congratulations on the upcmoming wedding!

Round and round we went. One after another as the morning wore on and the temps began to rise:

Paul Kelly - 6:34
Melanie Hire - 6:18
Lindsey Hire - 7:22
Matt Story - 5:58 (Don't forget, he did the .2 sprint 40 minutes prior)
Fil Faria - 5:23
Joe Ferris - 7:06
Steve Kanaracus - 6:51
Kerry Stronach - 7:05
Jim Stronach - 5:57 (with a bum achilles!)
Jason Bui - 5:09 (I was going for a sub 5. Seven seconds from my Millennium Mile PR of 5:02).
Paula Canela - 8:29 (Wins for projected time guess of 8:30)
Tom Offenbacher - 5:10 (Probably faster if he didn't have a 10 month old to chase around, or did it help?)

Unfortunately, Matt, Fil, and I had to leave at this point and was not able to witness the following great runs...

Mark Corbett - 6:44
Debbie Corbett - 8:28
Jim Shelton - 9:04
Andrea Shelton - 16:00
Cody Friehofer - 4:58 (Fastest GLRR time of the day! Also battled Tom for tallest GLRR of the day)
Charlie Knutson - 5:18
Don Salamone - 5:39
Jessica Costa - 7:18 (Stop holding out and get on Facebook, girl! And Tell EJ too!)
Andrew Pupa - 5:30 (Sandbag Award Winner - Projected 7:30)
Doug Sylvester - 8:44
Melissa Sylvester - 15:45

Jon Mackenzie and Scott Casper were also out there cheering on the runners! Thanks for coming out guys!

Our official finish time was 3:11:56, which would have been good as a BQ for the 40+ age group. The team's average age was 42. We finished 7th out of a lot of teams...

The overall winning time by SRR: Team Tears was 2:22:36, breaking the course record by about 40 seconds.

GLRR showed its true colors today with club members and family members stepping up to the challenge and coming through, flying with those colors.

I know that I plan on coming back next, and we'll try to field even more GLRR memebers to run in this great event!


Photos by Frank Georges courtesy of Jimrhoades.com

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