JFK 50 Miler

June 14th, 2010 - Training - Mine Falls, NH - 3.1

Day 165 - The original plan was to run the 5 mile trail course at the great Mines Falls summer trail series put on by GCS. That plan went to poopy when the boss made me late.

I got up there at 6:40PM, 10 minutes after the race (5K and 5 Miler) had started, and most of the 5K'ers were already coming back to the finish when I headed into the woods to look for Fil, with Teddy and Scooter.

I caught Fil and EJ at the 4 mile mark, and I ran back, on the opposite bank, with the boys. We got to the finish just as the two of them finished the 5 mile race.

In the end, I opted to run a cool down with Fil on part of the 5 mile course. Jessica, Linda, Mike G., Mike S., and Heather H. (coming back from an injury) were also there tonight. Good to see you guys!

Next week's plan is to enjoy the Mine Falls 5 Miler, since next Tuesday is the start of the Good Times summer series, and I'll still be recovering from the Mt. Olympus run on Saturday.

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