JFK 50 Miler

June 17th, 2010 - Track - Chelmsford, MA - 6

Day 168 - GLRR track workout at Chelmsford High under grey skies and in between light rain drops.

It felt cold when we were warming up, but by the time we got started on the first 2K, it was nice and toasty, about as perfect as it can get for running.

Going down the ladder for this workout, which was a first for me. 400 rest in between:

2000 - 7:15
1600 - 5:45
1200 - 4:12
800 - 2:41
400 - 1:13
400 - 1:10

Completed most of the workout with Frank, alternating the lead part-way through each interval.

An awesome track workout overall after having not gone to track for over two weeks.

New GLRR member, Yvette, made it out for her first track workout as she is preparing for her first tri in early August. Coach gave her plenty of good advice and she expects to back for more in the coming weeks.

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