JFK 50 Miler

June 1st, 2010 - Race - Lowell, MA - 3.1

Day 152 - Blarg. It was bound to happen. Tonight was my 33rd race of the year and I have to admit that it was the crappiest that I've felt during a run.

I felt fine before and after, but something happened at Mile 2 that almost made me want to stop. The weather was decent, albiet quite humid. Only soreness was in my back, but that was from working at my parents' place this weekend. Legs didn't feel fresh, but they weren't dead either, even after the double this past weekend.

I think it was more mental than anything else. I wasn't expecting to set a new PR tonight, but I was hoping to get under 18 again. When I realized around Mile 2 that I was way off pace, I kind of packed it in, which is rare for me. I try to give it my all no matter how I feel.

I admit that I didn't give it my best tonight.

(Sorry Steve)

Compared my progress after Boston vs. after Sugarloaf and I'm still a little behind the curve, even though my time is steadily improving.

By the 3rd Good Times after Boston, I was able to set a new PR with a 17:33 run (I remember that it was a cool night though). Three Good Times races post Sugarloaf and I've only managed to marginally improved my time by a few seconds. Temperatures on Tuesdays have had some part in that slow improvement, but dead legs starting to show, and will likely get worse if I don't ease up.

Going to go easy for the rest of the week. Skipping track on Thursday. Hoping to bounce back at the Rhody 5K this weekend. Giving it one last go at a spring time PR next week.

Joe D. managed to set a new PR tonight with a 16:20 run! Amazing. He said that his improvement can be attributed to cross-training on his road bike.

The difference for me, between last year and this year, have been the track workouts, but I think I've pushed the benefits of my track workouts close to its max at this point.

I think it's time I find something else to give me the extra edge.

I think it's time for me to get a road bike and learn how to swim (not with the bike).

I think it's time to begin my Iron Man training.

(I 'will be' Iron Man)

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