JFK 50 Miler

July 11th, 2010 - Training - Mattapoisett, MA - 4.3

Day 192 - Another day, another tri. A much lower key event today in Mattapoisett, but a great race nonetheless.

It was sweltering in the high 80's when Nathan and I went out looking for the run course, but we could only manage to find our own run course.

Went out for 2.2 before heading back to the car at the beach for a total of a 4.3 run, and then heading home for good.

It's been a fun, but tiring weekend. Looking forward to get home to Rachel to spend some time with the family and unwind before another week of work.

Nothing on the race schedule in the upcoming weeks other than Good Times.

Legs and left foot feeling better after some decent runs this weekend. If the weather cooperates, then I plan on trying to set a new Good Times PR on Tuesday.

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