JFK 50 Miler

July 26th, 2010 - Training - Lowell, MA - 6.50

Day 207 - I don't know what's scarier, people wanting to train with me or people referring others to train with me.

I got a quick text from New Mexico Festus last night saying that there was a local kid trying to run under 12 minutes for a 2 mile workout/tryout.

The kid's name is Matt and he's trying to get on the soccer team at Norwich Military Academy in Vermont (not CT). He has to run under 12 minutes for the 2 mile workout to even get a glimpse from the coach.

He ran 14 and change at the recent Carson 2 Mile race. Matt has about three weeks to cut off at least 2 minutes from his current pace. I also found out that he's a recent graduate of my alma mater of Lowell Catholic, so I knew he was a good kid right away!

I met up with Matt by Hookslide's and we headed out for an easy 4-5 miler just so that I could gauge his level of fitness. He was in good shape, even though he only plays soccer. We'll forgive him, right Fil?

Our first mile was a little too fast for him (7's), so he spent the next 2 miles trying to catch his breath. We finally eased into an 8 minute pace where he felt comfortable.

I told him to come to GLRR track on Thursday night at Chelmsford High, since that was probably going to be the most beneficial type of workout for him at this point in the game. It should also give me a better idea (and get Coach's input) if it will be possible for him to run under 12 in 3 weeks.

We finished the 4+ mile run up Christian Hill where Matt lives (I need to come out here more often!). We ended up with a 8:10 pace with a tough last mile. Matt definitely has the determination to do this, so it should be a piece of cake.

This should make my own training interesting as I now have someone else's interest in mind....

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  1. Probably a good call on the track sessions, good luck Coach!