JFK 50 Miler

July 25th, 2010 - Race - Hudson, NH - 3.1

Day 206 - One of my first races in close to a month not named Good Times. Greater Lowell made their presence known at the 1st Annual Nate's Race in Fil's back yard of Hudson, NH.

I didn't plan to run this race until late last night when Fil got a beer in me at the Lowell Folk Festival (I'm a cheap date). My goal for the race now was to not let Fil win the whole thing.

I met up at Fil's place at 8AM for the 9AM start. Deric and Ryan were also running this race in memory of their fallen classmate at Alvirne High.

We met up with Cody in the parking lot of the high school at about 8:30, and went out for a quick warm up. My legs felt a little heavy after yesterday's 11 miler. Cody and Fil were also feeling the same effects as they did the same mileage the day before.

Today's weather was going to be the same as it's been all summer long, warm and muggy! Fortunately, the sun went into hiding behind some clouds as the race got under way a little after 9AM, after a pretty dang good live rendition of the Star Spangled banner by a youngin'.

Speaking of yougins, this was going to be my first official race as a 30 year old!

The four members of GLRR lined up at the front of the pack, to the far right as the G-O signal was given.

Like most races that attract a younger crowd, you will always be guaranteed a very fast start. I took note of the ones wearing basketball sneakers and Superman capes (in honor of Nate), and didn't worry about trying to keep up with them at the start. I had a feeling that they were going to fall back into pack later in the race.

Cody pulled ahead with the lead pack of six or so about a mile into the race. I found myself in no man's lead between packs and a steady headwind. Some respite was had at the first turn on the course, but that just lead to a steady hill climb that lasted more than half a mile. I went through mile 1 in 5:56.

Cody was still pacing the lead pack (now just three runners) while I started to make my move on the rest of them on the uphills. I slowly reeled in one runner after another until I found myself in 4th overall with about a mile to go. Went through mile 2 in a slower than expected 6:06.

3rd place was about 20 seconds in front of me at this point, and I could see that he was slowing down and I was able to pick up some speed. The back half of the course is a nice steady downhill with some steep drops in elevation.

I continued to close the gap and kicked it into my final gear at mile 3. I managed to pass 3rd place guy with about .05 to go, but unfortunately, there was still .05 to go! I could hear him make his move a second after I passed him and he caught me flat footed! I felt like a car with a flat tire as I tried to keep up through the finish, but he had me by a second!

This was the second race in the past month where I got out-kicked at the finish (the other being Patriot Place). I definitely need to work on my finishing strategy to prevent this from happening again. Only sour note on an otherwise great race!

I am pretty ecstactic about the fact that I managed to catch another runner that late into a 5K. I haven't felt that fresh near the end of a tough race in a long time. I managed a 5:41 last mile and hit an average pace of 4:30 over the final .10.

I quickly found out at the finish that Cody finished about 10 seconds behind the winner. Cody had taken a wrong turn about 2.5 miles into the race and that probably cost him the victory, or at least a shot at a closer finish. We'll get them next time, Cody! Nice job out there!

Fil was only a little more than a minute behind me to round out the top 10 finishers.

The GLRR runners, with the exception of Deric's great effort, placed in our age groups. Cody took second overall (only went two deep - go figure). Fill got first for 41-54. And I am currently undefeated in my new age group, but I still got first in the 19-32 AG (strange AG's at this race). It's like they knew I just turned 30!


Big props also go out to to future GLRR members, Tatum O'Sullivan and Ryan Faria!

Overall, a great race on a great course. Good tune up for the Yankee 10 Mile race on Tuesday night! Can't wait to run on the sun!

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