JFK 50 Miler

June 28th, 2010 - Training - NYC - 101 degrees

Day 179 - It was a hot one in Hell's Kitchen.

(It reached 103 shortly after this pic was taken)

I was in NYC for reasons that I cannot share for something that I cannot talk about.

It wasn't quite as hot as the pic above indicates, but it was a little hazy and a little humid as I got out by the Hudson around 6PM. The last time I was in NYC was back in early March, but could only get a run in on a hotel treadmill.

I always enjoy exploring cities on foot and nothing beats exploring a city like NYC on a run. A lot of scenery and I got my fill of eye candy over the course of my 5K run. The natives were all dressed up in skimpy running outfits given the temps.

Now I had to drive the four hours back to Lowell, all nice and sweaty.

Unfortunately, I'll have to kill anyone that reads this entry.

(I'll run around the Island one of these days)

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