JFK 50 Miler

June 29th, 2010 - Race - Lowell, MA - 3.1

Day 180 - Nice to be back home after a hectic weekend of being away for most of it. Foot still a little tender from Sunday's bare foot experiment. Ass is definitely still sore from yesterday's 8 hr drive to and from NYC. Stopping at the rest stop on the way home did not help the soreness.

Good Times Summer race #2 tonight with the usual suspects. This race and series is getting out of hand with the unbelievable talent showing up every week. Tonight featured the return of Titus and his winning ways.

I ended up in 6th, still behind Cody, and right in front of a surging EJ (Bad Dawg), who finished with a PR.

It was in the low 80's at race time, and it didn't get much cooler 18 minutes later at the finish line. In fact, this was probably the most painful Good Times race that I've run in two years. I received a side stitch around Mile 1 after taking an ill-advised deep breathe, and it stayed with me for the entire run.

Speaking of staying with me for the entire run, EJ was on my tail by the 1.5 mile mark and he pushed me the rest of the way without reprieve. I tried to break him, but he had none of it. It took a dead out quarter mile kick for me to stay and finish in front of him.

Bad Dawg, you scary.


Here's Ted Tyler's take on the finish:





  1. Bad Dawg is definitely after you - he was probably still pissed after being cheated out of $20 in the PR pool due to a scoring problem.

  2. Actually that's not my pissed look, that's my delighted to be running pretty well look. I can't believe how long after Boston it's taken to get any kind of turnover in a 5k. After lots of false starts / false hopes, it feels damned good to be able to compete again.