JFK 50 Miler

August 15th, 2010 - Training - Bedford > Tewksbury - 9

Day 226 - I thoroughly put the new KSO Trek Five Fingers through their paces today. This is the pair that I won for placing second in my division in the Barefoot 5K at the Pineland Farms Running Festival.

(Big Foot would be jealous)

The basic differences between the new model and the old model is the additional traction, better heel and angle support, and more cushion/protection on the new model.

First stop on this early morning was to Cannon Mtn to hike the Kinsman Ridge Trail (2.4 one way) to the top of Cannon with Rachel, her dad, brother, and of course, Teddy and Scooter.

Weather was perfect for a hike, overcast and warm, but it got cooler (and windier) as we got closer to the top (2k ft elevation gain, to top out at about 4k).

(Nothing to see here)

I took it easy going up in order to stay with the family. Once we reached the top, Rachel and her family took the easy way out and travelled down by tram. Teddy, Scooter, and myself took the more scenic route by going back down the Kinsman trail the same way we came up. It took exactly two hours to reach the top, and less than one hour for the three of us to get back down.

Some very slippery and steep spots on the way down, which wasn't noticeable on the way up.

New VFF's performed just as I thought they would on this hike. No blisters or chaffing, and debris stayed out of them. My feet stayed dried, and there was no noticeable smells emanated from them afterwards, mainly due to the anti-microbial material used in this model. Definite plus!

Once I broke them in on the hike, and we headed back home, I decided to see how they would perform on the road.

Rachel dropped me off in Bedford and I high tailed the 9 miles back to Tewksbury. Ran the same course last week with the Nike Free 7.0 in 1 hr 3 mins. Completed this run with the VFF's in 1:05. I could have done the same, or better, if it wasn't for the hike earlier in the day.

Legs didn't feel any worse for the wear, and actually, I felt refreshed like I always do after wearing the VFF's on a run. It's definitely because they tend to use different muscles, or less used muscles, vs normal running sneakers.

No lingering pain in the left mid-foot, so that's a positive for this model.

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