JFK 50 Miler

August 22nd, 2010 - Race - Mines Falls, NH - 2.5

Day 233 - How do you kill a fly with a nuke? You put Cody, Andy, Fil, and myself on the same team for a 4-person relay up at Mine Falls for a run-of-the-mill trail race.

It was originally going to be just Fil and myself running as Team Dos Equis in the two-person relay (defending champs) at Moose on the Loose 10 Miler, but some wacko decided that it would be fun to add Cody and Andy to the team and enter the 4-person competition.

Last year's winning pace for the 4-person contest was 7:49. We were hoping to break sub-6, and perhaps catch Titus. He was the odds on favorite to win the individual competition.

After changing our team name to Green Slime (in honor of the Ghostbusters quad - not really), we took our positions. The name is actually in reference to the GLRR singlet colors of old (and new). It was either that or Team Green Sweater Vests.

(Who are you gonna call?....You betcha!)

Me and my dead legs (sporting the VFF's once again) were going to lead it off for the team, with Fil going second, followed by Andy, and the anchor leg taken by Cody.

I flew off the line and into the woods with the lead for about the first quarter mile. It wasn't long before I was overtaken by Titus and....Mountain Man Dave Dunham back in racing action! I only saw the "pig tail", but I knew exactly who was kicking my ass. Nice to see you back out there, DD!

(Mountain sold separately)

The leading pair were long gone by the time I reached the second mile with Alex Brown, who ended up in 2nd overall (DD was doing the 4-person relay too!). Alex and I chatted it up a bit before I turned it on for the final sprint.

I came into the transition area with a 14:23 (5:57 pace) interval before tagging up Fil for his run at the fun.

I continued back into the woods to cool down. I decided to run the course in reverse in order to to cheer on all of the other runners. Glenn was also up here in the individual competition, along with Mike Shaheen and his son in the two person contest. Deric, Zack, Adam, and Scott rounded out the GLRR representatives today with their own 4-person team.

Fil arrived back into transition 15 mins and 15 secs later. It was now Andy's turn (also sporting the VFF's).

He went through his interval in 14:57 without incident. We, as a team, were currently second overall in the race and about three minutes behind Titus.

Cody's mission now was to try to catch up to Titus. It was highly unlikely that we would be able to make up three minutes on Titus with 2.5 miles to go, but you don't tell that to Cody. He flew out of transition like the Road Runner that he is! Hide the women and children!

(Meep! Meep!)

Titus came through the finish chute in 56:36 for the easy victory over all of humanity. Cody managed to cut off about a minute on Titus' lead, and finished with an overall team time of 58:07. He did his interval in a blazing 13:32.

The other green slimers did just as well.

- Glenn kicked geezer butt by winning his AG by over 10 minutes! His motivation? Not to be lapped by us.

- Mike and family finished 2nd overall in the two-person relay.

- Deric, Zack, Adam, and Scott finished a respectable 9th out of 22 teams in the 4-person.

Fil and I plan to return next year as Team Dos Equis to challenge Team Geezers (Glenn and Don) to a rematch. I'm not bitter or anything...I WANT MY GUINNESS!!!!!


  1. The results have Fil's age listed as 120, but I think that's his NEXT birthday.

  2. Hmmm Guinness - I think I'll drink one before turning in for the night.