JFK 50 Miler

August 21st, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury > Lowell > Tewksbury - 24

Day 232 - Upon waking up, the first things I checked were the current temps and the outlook for the day. Currently 50 degrees and expected to rise steadily throughout the morning and afternoon. It was supposed to be in the mid 70's by the time I expected to finish my 20+ mile run.

Visually, outside was currently overcast and dreary on this Saturday morning, very rare for this summer.

It was only 6:30AM and Rachel was still in dreamland, but the boys were..the boys...wide awake and ready for breakfast. I took them out and re-filled their bowls.

I had some breakfast too by chowing down on a slice of cold pizza (my favorite) from Wicked Cheesy Pizza on Rt 38 (not recommended).

Threw on my GLRR singlet (white version), a pair of running shorts, a light cap, running shades, Nike Free, and Camelbak with 50% mix of a sports drink and water. Garmin, GU, money, credit card, license, and phone. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. And Check.

Disclosure: I wore my Ipod for this one. A) Because I was going to be running with Fil for part of it B) Getting tired of being honked/screamed at from passing cars (shatting myself) C) You would too if you know how much Fil likes to talk. Therefore, I am temporarily lifting the nag for those who run with Ipods.

A kiss and goodbye to Rachel (she puts up with a lot) before I got out the door by 7:15AM.

I had 45 minutes to run the six miles from my apt in Tewksbury to the GLRR office in downtown Lowell. I was hoping to meet up with GLRR, getting ready to head out for their usual Saturday morning group run. I wanted to incorporate part of my long run with the group in order to have some company. After the 25 miler on Wednesday, I definitely could use the company to keep my mind off of the distance for today.

My goal for today was to see how I would fare after already doing a long run earlier in the week, and if I could maintain my first half JFK goal pace of 8 min/miles at this point. Also, this long run would help mimic what I would experience in about a month at the RTB Ultra: a long run less than 12 hours after a short and fast run.

I got down to the GLRR office a little after 8AM and right on cue, Glenn was kicking ass and taking names for the run. Fil, Cody, Scott, Paula, Mike, Deric, and others were there, rearing to go as I pulled in for the group photo:

(We look better every week)

I re-started my run by 8:15AM and this time Fil, Cody, and one new member (didn't catch his name) joined me. They were planning to run about 12 miles. Out to Vinyl Square in Chelmsford and back. I was hoping to get to my parent's place in Tyngsboro, to get in at least 13, before turning back.

We were about 10 minutes into our run on the Baystate course when I noticed a flash out of the corner of my eye. It was Titus!

Titus was out for his daily "fun run" to stretch out his legs, and was planning to "just" put in an hour run this morning. He decided to tag along with us even though we told him we were not planning to run much faster than 7:30's on this run.

The guy is a walking atomic clock. He doesn't run with a Garmin, and he was able to stick to the same pace throughout the entire run.

We went a little past Vinyl Square and decided to turn back. I already had 12 miles so far, and a run to my parents would give me closer to 15 miles before turning around. It was also getting really warm out and I was the only with any liquids on me.

Six miles later we were back in downtown Lowell at the GLRR office. I stopped for about 15 minutes and re-filled my Camelbak for the final six miles home.

I was feeling pretty good and didn't have to use any GU until about mile 21.

I eventually got back to the apt by 11:30AM after logging 24 miles with an elapsed run time of 3 hrs and 9 mins (7:54 overall pace), barely qualifying for Boston....if Boston were only 24 miles.

No walnut rot on this run, which was a relief. Did the ice bath again and everything felt fine. No blisters, no chaffing.  

Some things that I've learned over the past few days on these long runs that should help me on my ultra:

- 50/50 mix of a sports drink and water is the key to a steady run.
- Drinking every two miles (or every 15-20 minutes) keeps dehydration at bay. More so near the end of the
- Ice baths are key for a quick and painless post-recovery.
- I was recently told that I run with my forearms too high for long distance, therefore, tiring out my shoulders.
  I lowered the angle of them on this run (closer to the shorts) and that did the trick. No upper 
  body soreness.
- Nike Frees (with some Dr. Sholes Sport inserts) will be the weapon of choice for my ultra run.

Things are on track for a good showing at RTB and JFK.

Racing up in Mine Falls tomorrow morning with Cody, Andy, and Fil on the 4 person relay team at Moose on the Looser 10 Miler. This should be interesting.

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