JFK 50 Miler

August 24th, 2010 - Race - Lowell, MA - 3.1

Day 235 - Summa' doesn't officially end until Sept 21st, but if you're a local runner, then it ended tonight at GT5K #8.

I tried to end my run at this series on a high note with a new PR, but it wasn't meant to be, thanks in large part to the return of killer green sweater vests.

(One size fits Kong)

The conditions were ripe for a PR: 60's, overcast, drizzle.

I'm a glutton for pain and decided at the last minute to give my slime green GLRR singlet another shot. I knew it was raining. I knew it was going to be wet, but I still decided to wear the sweater vests anyways.

Highlights, and lowlights, from the last GT5K of the season:

- Last minute course change due to the river walk being blocked off.

- New course tacked on S curve in reverse and an uphill finish, adding on roughly 5-10 seconds to your

- Runners complaining about S curve finish.

- New course was short by about .05, taking off roughly 5-10 seconds from your time.

- Strangely, no runners complained about this....

- Battled it out with someone slightly more attractive than the Water Buffalo throughout the race.

- Thought about throwing my singlet into the river, but it was bone dry. The river, not the sweater.

- Missed my PR by 3 seconds. I'll blame Canada for this one.

- Jim Rhoades and Fil Faria conspiring to make the GT5K super computer blow up by finishing the series in a dead tie for 2nd place in their AG.

- The super computer didn't blow up, but a bunch of runners did with some kick ass PR's. Congrats to all of those that did set PR's tonight, especially my new RTB Ultra teammate Kelly Y.!!

- Joe Donnelly breaking the sound barrier.

- GLRR member Cody taking 1st place overall in the series. Take that RUN!

- No Platinum Miley as hyped by Dave.

- Got me some good old poison ivy on my cooldown run.

- Fil standing in for me at the awards ceremony because I was too busy "cooling down" (sorry Steve Moland).

(This is where I get my looks from)

And there it is, another season of GT5K's in the books.

I managed only three PR's this year, with my best time being 17:33, but you know what, I had a GOOD TIME!

Results and a better a writeup by PT Barnum himself, Dave Camire.


  1. Great write-up!

    Sorry I missed this race...but through your post I feel as if I was there.

    (Okay, I wasn't there. But I had a Good Time reading about it, anyway! :-)

  2. Great post, I like the shirt too, the color is awesome. Congratulations to the finishers.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!!! lol See ya at the RTB relay. When is it again??? lol