JFK 50 Miler

August 25th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury, MA - 9

Day 236 - Andy and Cody stopped over in Tewksbury, after work, for a 9 mile tempo run in the light drizzle.

We checked out Catamount Rd (nice hill), and came back around for a 6:57 paced run. Excellent run overall, and they're both making great progress towards their BQ'er in Oct at Baystate.

(Almost got my foot caught in the crevice at the top)

In RTB Ultra news, we received some bad news tonight. Learned that Iron Donkey Jay might not be able to make it this year. He was the work horse (hence the nickname) at last year's run, logging in close to 40 miles when the team suffered an injury part way through. We're hoping that there will be good news before we start RTB, and Jay will be able to join us, but I do have an ace up my sleeve as backup just in case.

Dane, start stretching out those gi-normous calves!

(You might want to also get another pair of sneakers, Dane)

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