JFK 50 Miler

Sept 16th, 2010 - Training - Waterville Valley, NH - 3.1

Day 258 - The day has finally arrived, the eve of RTB is once again upon us. The NYC crew drove up and met the MA crew in Waltham to pick up the mobile attack vehicle. We then proceeded to do the car drop offs at Jay's parents' place in Old Salem.

We were already on pace at this point and managed to get in dinner at a small, quaint, local eatery in Tilton, NH named Uno's Chicago Bar & Grill by 7PM (yeah, I know. I used this joke last year).

We got up to Andy's B-I-L's condo in Waterville Valley, the staging area for our assault on RTB 2010, by 8PM.

I still had to get in my 5K for the day, so I slipped on my VFF's and headed out the door by 8:30PM. No other Masssoles wanted to join me. Thanks team!

It was drizzling out, but this was supposed to be the worse of it before our scheduled start time of 1:20PM tomorrow afternoon. This would also be the latest that any Masssoles team has had to start RTB in the 6 years of doing this. We need to learn how to sand bag better!

The weather was perfect, less the rain, for running. If it clears up, like its supposed to, then we're going to have perfect running weather over the next 2 days!

The other Masssoles team didn't arrive at the condo until after 11PM, and then the Snore Wars began....

(It should actually read 209.06 miles in 26 hrs and 34 mins)

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