JFK 50 Miler

Sept 25th, 2010 - Training - Tewksbury --> Tyngsboro - 13.5

Day 267 - My original plan to run from Woburn to Tewksbury got nixed, so I improvised and put in a late, long run from Tewksbury to Tyngsboro. Deliberately ran at an 8 minute pace to continue to get use to my goal pace for JFK.

Tomorrow's plan is to run Jack Kerouac 5K in Lowell...well, that was until I learned that there's a friggin half-marathon less than a half-marathon from my apt! Only around here.

It's the 6th Annual Wilmington Half! I've never heard of this race until tonight when I saw Andy Pupa and Joe Ferris mention the fact that they were going to Wilmington for a half marathon.

I was like, why are they both going all the way to Delaware for a half-marathon when this weekend is filled with halves all over New England! A google later and I discovered this gem of a low-key race.

Logistically, I could probably do both races. Wilmington is at 10AM and Jack is at 12PM. If I can run the half in 1 hr 23 mins (last minute goal is to quailfy for 2011 NYC at Wilmington with a sub 1:23), then I could probably get up to Lowell by 11:59.

We'll see.

(This could be me by tomorrow afternoon)


  1. Looks like you didnt make it to Jack 5k! How did you do on the Wilm Half?

  2. It'll be on the Sept 26th write-up, but I ended up finishing 3rd overall! My highest finish in a race at this distance!